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Mazda replacement parts samples

Replacement parts data contains parts images, manufacturer name, manufacturer's part number, and the OEM Mazda part number. There may be multiple replacements from different manufacturers for one genuine Mazda part number.

SIDEM replacement BUSHING,RUBBER-FRT 851614

Mazda original bushing,rubber-frt number: B28V34470 front suspension mechanisms;

SIDEM replacement part number 851614

GOODYEAR replacement BELT'V',P/STG. & AIR CON. 4PK1013

Mazda original belt'v',p/stg. & air con. number: B58815909 bracket, pulley & belt; (1600cc)

GOODYEAR replacement part number 4PK1013

NISSENS replacement RADIATOR 62455A

Mazda original radiator number: B5C715200A cooling system;

NISSENS replacement part number 62455A

VALEO replacement PAD SET,FRT CALIPER 597133

Mazda original pad set,frt caliper number: B5Y83323Z front brake mechanisms;

VALEO replacement part number 597133


Mazda original alternator number: B60118300 alternator; (gasoline)(1600cc>egi>w/o turbo)

HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS replacement part number J5113012

NISSENS replacement RADIATOR 624091

Mazda original radiator number: B61S15200C cooling system; (gasoline)(ohc)

NISSENS replacement part number 624091


Mazda original filter&body,fuel number: B63013480A fuel system; (gasoline)(1600cc>egi>w/o turbo>leaded fuel)

HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS replacement part number J1333008


Mazda original belt,timing number: B66012205C valve system; (gasoline)(1600cc>turbo)

ROULUNDS RUBBER replacement part number 145HG220

SCHLIECKMANN replacement RADIATOR 60272137

Mazda original radiator number: B66T15200B cooling system; (1600cc)

SCHLIECKMANN replacement part number 60272137

WALKER replacement PIPE,MIDDLE 18824

Mazda original pipe,middle number: B69840600B exhaust system; (gasoline)(4wd)(egi>ohc)

WALKER replacement part number 18824

FILTRON replacement FILTER,FUEL PP 880

Mazda original filter,fuel number: B6BF13480 fuel system; (1600cc)

FILTRON replacement part number PP 880

AMC Filter replacement FILTER&BODY,FUEL MF-5563

Mazda original filter&body,fuel number: B6BF20490A fuel system; (1600cc)

AMC Filter replacement part number MF-5563