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Mazda replacement parts samples

Replacement parts data contains parts images, manufacturer name, manufacturer's part number, and the OEM Mazda part number. There may be multiple replacements from different manufacturers for one genuine Mazda part number.

NISSENS replacement CONDENSER 94766

Mazda original condenser number: BJ3A61480A air conditioner; (diesel)

NISSENS replacement part number 94766

NK replacement CALIPER(L),RR BRAKE 213247

Mazda original caliper(l),rr brake number: BL7826990A rear brake mechanisms; (disc brake)(2wd)

NK replacement part number 213247

AKS DASIS replacement RADIATOR 110960N

Mazda original radiator number: BP2615200D cooling system; (gasoline)(dohc)

AKS DASIS replacement part number 110960N


Mazda original radiator number: BP2615200G cooling system; (gasoline)(dohc)

AVA COOLING SYSTEMS replacement part number MZ2095


Mazda original pipe,exhaust-front number: BP4840500E exhaust system; (gasoline)(1300cc)

WALKER replacement part number 07565

HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS replacement LAMP(R),F.FOG 80660170

Mazda original lamp(r),f.fog number: BP4K51680B front combination lamps; (5-door)

HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS replacement part number 80660170


Mazda original plate,disc number: BP6Y26251C rear axle;

JAPANPARTS replacement part number DP-317

TESH replacement SILENCER,MAIN 230545

Mazda original silencer,main number: BP8740100 exhaust system; (1800cc)

TESH replacement part number 230545

WALKER replacement SILENCER,PRE 21125

Mazda original silencer,pre number: BP9840300 exhaust system; (1800cc)

WALKER replacement part number 21125

WALKER replacement SILENCER,PRE 21125

Mazda original silencer,pre number: BP9840300C exhaust system; (1800cc)

WALKER replacement part number 21125

BOSCH replacement ALTERNATOR 0 986 040 541

Mazda original alternator number: BPE818300 alternator;

BOSCH replacement part number 0 986 040 541

NIPPARTS replacement ARM(R),LOWER J4903004

Mazda original arm(r),lower number: BR7034300B front suspension mechanisms;

NIPPARTS replacement part number J4903004