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Mazda replacement parts samples

Replacement parts data contains parts images, manufacturer name, manufacturer's part number, and the OEM Mazda part number. There may be multiple replacements from different manufacturers for one genuine Mazda part number.

AURADIA replacement RADIATOR KMZ 042

Mazda original radiator number: B10215200 cooling system; (1100cc)

AURADIA replacement part number KMZ 042


Mazda original shoe set,brake-rear number: B5Y62638ZA rear brake mechanisms; (drum brake)

DELPHI replacement part number LS1679

KNECHT replacement FILTER,FUEL 09631177

Mazda original filter,fuel number: B6BF13480 fuel system; (1600cc)

KNECHT replacement part number 09631177

NISSENS replacement CONDENSER 94766

Mazda original condenser number: BJ3A61480B air conditioner; (diesel)

NISSENS replacement part number 94766

GERI replacement CONDENSER 925564

Mazda original condenser number: BJ3A61480C air conditioner; (diesel)

GERI replacement part number 925564

VAN WEZEL replacement MIRROR(R),DOOR 2732804

Mazda original mirror(r),door number: BJ3D69120B sun visors, assist handles & mirrors;

VAN WEZEL replacement part number 2732804

JOHNS replacement MIRROR(L),DOOR 45 07 37-1

Mazda original mirror(l),door number: BJ3E69180B sun visors, assist handles & mirrors;

JOHNS replacement part number 45 07 37-1

SCHLIECKMANN replacement LAMP(L),F.FOG 50929111

Mazda original lamp(l),f.fog number: BN8V51690B front combination lamps; (4-door)

SCHLIECKMANN replacement part number 50929111


Mazda original radiator number: BP2615200G cooling system; (gasoline)(dohc)

AURADIA replacement part number KMZ095

NOR replacement RADIATOR 3433209

Mazda original radiator number: BP2815200B cooling system; (gasoline)(ohc)

NOR replacement part number 3433209


Mazda original unit(r),head lamp number: BP4K510K0D head lamps;

HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS replacement part number 80658951

VAN WEZEL replacement LAMP(L),RR COMB. 2735931

Mazda original lamp(l),rr comb. number: BP4K51160E rear combination lamps; (5-door)

VAN WEZEL replacement part number 2735931