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Mazda replacement parts samples

Replacement parts data contains parts images, manufacturer name, manufacturer's part number, and the OEM Mazda part number. There may be multiple replacements from different manufacturers for one genuine Mazda part number.

ICER replacement PAD SUB SET,RR CALIPER 181743

Mazda original pad sub set,rr caliper number: BPYK2648Z rear brake mechanisms;

ICER replacement part number 181743

JURID replacement PLATE,DISC 561795J

Mazda original plate,disc number: BR743325X front axle;

JURID replacement part number 561795J

PEX replacement SHOE SET,BRAKE-REAR 6.075

Mazda original shoe set,brake-rear number: BSY62638Z rear brake mechanisms; (drum brake)

PEX replacement part number 6.075

PEX replacement BALL JOINT,LOWER 12.04.162

Mazda original ball joint,lower number: BTDA34550 front suspension mechanisms;

PEX replacement part number 12.04.162

SCHLIECKMANN replacement LAMP(R),FRT. COMB. 50875302

Mazda original lamp(r),frt. comb. number: C10051060B front combination lamps;

SCHLIECKMANN replacement part number 50875302


Mazda original condenser number: C10061480A air conditioner; (gasoline)

AURADIA replacement part number KDMZ 159

LPR replacement SHOE SET,BRAKE-REAR 08030

Mazda original shoe set,brake-rear number: C1Y02638Z rear brake mechanisms;

LPR replacement part number 08030

TEXTAR replacement SHOE SET,BRAKE-REAR 91060600

Mazda original shoe set,brake-rear number: C1Y02638ZA rear brake mechanisms;

TEXTAR replacement part number 91060600

NRF replacement CONDENSER & OIL SET 35356

Mazda original condenser & oil set number: C1Y06148ZA air conditioner; (gasoline)

NRF replacement part number 35356


Mazda original element,air cleaner number: C60113Z40 air cleaner; (gasoline)

PURFLUX replacement part number A1145

NISSENS replacement CONDENSER 94760

Mazda original condenser number: CB0561480A air conditioner; (diesel)

NISSENS replacement part number 94760

HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS replacement LAMP(R),RR COMB. 82830198

Mazda original lamp(r),rr comb. number: CB8051150 rear combination lamps;

HERTH+BUSS ELPARTS replacement part number 82830198